Orlando A Mansfield and William Mansfield Haysom

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On the 28th September 1911, Orlando received a letter from a Mr W Mansfield Haysom enquiring if they were related. A long friendship ensued and in October that year they embarked on a search of Parish records for the Mansfields.

Orlando discovered and recorded their findings in a notebook of which only the first five pages survive. I used the LDS family history site to trace the Mansfield-Haysom Link (see table below). *marks the possible William, Orlandos friend.

The connection appears to date back to a John James Mansfield of Ringwood. His descendents included sisters Elizabeth and Mary who married brothers Joseph and Thomas Haysom, both solicitors in Ringwood, South Hants, England.

Since publishing these notes, I have had correspondence from Liz Franks who is researching the Haysom family.  Click this link to read Liz's E Mail.




Maria Haysom

Born 1822 Ringwood

John Haysom

Born 1800  Ringwood

William Haysom*

Born 1836 Ringwood



Married Elizabeth


Henry Haysom

Born 1832 Ringwood





Joseph Haysom

Born 1769  Ringwood

George Thomas Haysom

Born 1825  Ringwood

Married 1798


Joshua Haysom

Born 1803  Ringwood

Amelia Haysom

Born 1827   Ringwood

Elizabeth Mansfield

Born 1777  Ringwood

Married Rebecca


William Haysom

Born 1833  Ringwood




John Haysom

Born 1836  Ringwood





Arrabella Haysom

Born 1805  Ringwood




Thomas Haysom

Born 1765  Ringwood

William Haysom

Born 1802  Ringwood

Married 1801


Sarah Haysom

Born 1804  Ringwood

Mary Mansfield

Born 1779  Ringwood

James Haysom

Born 1808  Ringwood


Elizabeth Haysom

Born 1810  Ringwood


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